Watercolors by beverly golembeski

Watercolors by beverly golembeski

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Original Art: Local Scenes Gallery

Duo Umbrellas

“Duo Umbrellas”

17W x 21H, $300.00
Red 'n White Float

“Red 'n White Float”

26W x 26H, $1,200.00
Freshly Fallen Snow

“Freshly Fallen Snow”

14W x 17H, $425.00



14.5W x 20H, $1,500.00
World Duckboat Races

“World Duckboat Races”

26W x 36H, $1,500.00
Island Heights Culture & Heritage

“Island Heights Culture & Heritage”

15.75W x 20H, $1,500.00

Capt'n Jed

“Capt'n Jed”

20W x 24H, $1,500.00


28W x 36H, $1,800.00
Mr. Reed's Gas Pump

“Mr. Reed's Gas Pump”

24W x 30H, $1,800.00

Gliding Flight

“Gliding Flight”

22.5W x 29.5H, $1,200.00
Glowing Marsh

“Glowing Marsh”

25W x 31H, $1,200.00
Midnight Channel Marker

“Midnight Channel Marker”

23W x 30H, $1,400.00

Spring Waterfall

“Spring Waterfall”

18.5W x 28H, $1,900.00
Spring Thaw

“Spring Thaw”

12W x 16H, $1,100.00 $750.00

Charlie's Place Closeup

“Charlie's Place Closeup”

17W x 11H, Sold Out
Regatta SPYC

“Regatta SPYC”

38W x 29H, $1,800.00

Sea Girt Pavilion

“Sea Girt Pavilion”

20W x 16H, $150.00
Charlie's Shack Again

“Charlie's Shack Again”

24W x 16H, $200.00

Sandy Footprints

“Sandy Footprints”

30W x 24H, Sold Out
Patriotic Jeep

“Patriotic Jeep”

16W x 12H, $125.00

Polka Dot

“Polka Dot”

16W x 12H, $125.00
Island Heights Geraniums

“Island Heights Geraniums”

32W x 25H, Not For Sale

Refreshment St. Thomas

“Refreshment St. Thomas”

36W x 28H, $2,400.00
Channel Current

“Channel Current”

36W x 28H, $1,200.00

Sandy Beach Grasses

“Sandy Beach Grasses”

28W x 22H, $1,500.00
Sail Races

“Sail Races”

35W x 16H, $1,400.00

No Fishing

“No Fishing”

29W x 21H, $1,800.00
Point Pleasant Docks

“Point Pleasant Docks”

24W x 18H, $2,000.00

Seaside Park Marina

“Seaside Park Marina”

16W x 10H, $600.00

Mooring on the Toms River

“Mooring on the Toms River”

29W x 21H, $2,000.00
Bayside Queeny

“Bayside Queeny”

36W x 28H, $1,900.00

Barn with returning geese

“Barn with returning geese”

20.5W x 14H, $950.00
Tidal Grasses

“Tidal Grasses”

22W x 15H, $1,300.00

Off and Flying

“Off and Flying”

20W x 14H, $1,300.00