Watercolors by beverly golembeski

Watercolors by beverly golembeski

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January Barn

“January Barn”

18W x 24H, $250.00
Island Heights Culture & Heritage

“Island Heights Culture & Heritage”

15.75W x 20H, $1,500.00
Se Vende en La Recoleta

“Se Vende en La Recoleta”

20W x 29H, $2,400.00

A Country Home

“A Country Home”

24W x 20H, $250.00
Eckland's Farm

“Eckland's Farm”

18W x 8H, $150.00

Country Sheds

“Country Sheds”

20W x 16H, $200.00
Country Church

“Country Church”

29W x 17H, $250.00

Sandy Footprints

“Sandy Footprints”

30W x 24H, Sold Out
Three Brown Barns

“Three Brown Barns”

24W x 17H, $950.00 $650.00

Toms River Pink House

“Toms River Pink House”

30W x 20H, $1,800.00

Mooring on the Toms River

“Mooring on the Toms River”

29W x 21H, $2,000.00