Watercolors by beverly golembeski

Watercolors by beverly golembeski

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Original Art: Fish Gallery

Picasso Trigger

“Picasso Trigger”

16W x 22H, $300.00
Little Fishes - Original

“Little Fishes - Original”

30W x 38H, $2,400.00
Sea Horse

“Sea Horse”

17W x 24H, $300.00

Little Fishes in the Sea

“Little Fishes in the Sea”

25W x 31H, $1,500.00

Under the Sea

“Under the Sea”

27W x 11H, $175.00
Clown Trigger

“Clown Trigger”

21W x 17H, $300.00

Orange Dot & Gold Flora

“Orange Dot & Gold Flora”

21W x 17H, $300.00


23W x 17H, $300.00

Turtle Swim

“Turtle Swim”

22W x 20H, $900.00
Groupers in the Fans

“Groupers in the Fans”

28W x 22H, Sold Out

Golden Fishes

“Golden Fishes”

29W x 21H, $1,800.00