Watercolors by beverly golembeski

Watercolors by beverly golembeski

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Sails 3-1

“Sails 3-1”

20W x 27H, $300.00
New England Harbor

“New England Harbor”

20W x 27H, $300.00
Number 6 Marker

“Number 6 Marker”

24W x 30H, $700.00 Sold Out

World Duckboat Races

“World Duckboat Races”

26W x 36H, $1,500.00

Bay Head Sails 5775

“Bay Head Sails 5775”

30W x 24H, $300.00
Miss Lizz

“Miss Lizz”

36W x 30H, $1,800.00

L'il Sailors

“L'il Sailors”

20W x 16H, $225.00
Abstract Sails

“Abstract Sails”

13W x 7H, $95.00

Red Sails

“Red Sails”

15W x 12H, $125.00
Maine Rowboats

“Maine Rowboats”

39W x 22H, $700.00



30W x 24H, Not For Sale
Red Rowboat with Rocks

“Red Rowboat with Rocks”

20W x 16H, $175.00

Sailing 15355

“Sailing 15355”

29W x 14H, $175.00
Seagull Mooring

“Seagull Mooring”

36W x 22H, $800.00

Island Heights Geraniums

“Island Heights Geraniums”

32W x 25H, Not For Sale
3 White Rowboats

“3 White Rowboats”

24W x 20H, $450.00 Sold Out



36W x 24H, $1,300.00
Judee's Boat - Original

“Judee's Boat - Original”

36W x 28H, Sold Out

Coconuts - Original

“Coconuts - Original”

36W x 28H, $1,800.00
Sail Races

“Sail Races”

35W x 16H, $1,400.00

Point Pleasant Docks

“Point Pleasant Docks”

24W x 18H, $2,000.00
Seaside Park Marina

“Seaside Park Marina”

16W x 10H, $600.00