Watercolors by beverly golembeski

Watercolors by beverly golembeski

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Welcome! And thank you for joining me as we tour the many facets of my art.

Feathers & Fins For something new and exciting, take a look at this description of the collaboration I have with Florence McLaughlin which was on display at the Ocean County Artists' Guild in May 2011. It's feature element will be on display at the Upper Shores Library, Lavallette, NJ in August 2012.

My work has many varying personalities. You see this in my watercolors, acrylics, and décor items. I “have fun” with all media. Sometimes I use them individually. Other times I combine transparent with opaque watercolor and even combine them with pen & ink (or pastels) in one piece. This now comes naturally to me after much study and experimentation. I hope you “have fun” viewing my galleries.

Below you can see where the layering of media is especially evident in “Lilies.”

“Lilies”Closeup of “Lilies”

Here the combination of watercolor and white gouache with pen and ink on tinted paper brings out the “essence” of the lilies without painting them too illustratively. The shading around each flower and leaf is also especially effective, when done with my unique pen and ink technique.

“Miss Liz”

In contrast, this flexible watercolor media was used transparently on 300lb, cold press Arches watercolor paper in a traditional design of docked boats. “Miss Lizz” was a 2002 award winner in the American Artists Professional League's Grand National Juried Exhibit at the Salmagundi Club, NYC. (It's in my private collection, and Giclée reproductions are available for “Miss Lizz” and many other award winning paintings.)

My omnipresent search toward a creative destiny toured many adventurous avenues. Stained glass, macramé, sand paintings and sewing were just a few experimental endeavors in my extensive journey to discover my artistic future.

When my youngest child enrolled in nursery school, I was free to pursue a watercolor course at a local guild. This media always piqued my curiosity, and was not included in my college teaching courses (I am certified to teach Art, grades K-12). When my watercolor instructor included pen and ink along with watercolor in one of my lessons, my destiny revealed itself.

One of my first watercolors

Drawing was always a “given” for me. One of my first works in watercolor was really a drawing, in pen and ink, with a watercolor wash to add color. I love this picture, and will never sell it. But it's a marked contrast to my current Boat themes. And it does not appear as “free and spontaneous” as my work today.


My current watercolor approach, in contrast to this beginning work, is illustrated in the same subject matter as I see and represent it today. My pen and ink method has evolved to where the same media combinations are used in a more complex manner - with more give and take between media types - as displayed in “Carley.” There are more layers, more use of gouache to make highlights, and less apparent rigidity to the work. (Also in my private collection, with giclée reproductions available late Fall 2004.)

So, please join me and tour my art in the galleries. Take one of my classes, attend my demos, come to my workshops, and experiment with new media ideas…try new approaches and join me in the wonderful world of watercolor.



To learn more about me, my professional associations and my training, see About Beverly.